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Vehicle Wraps for a Cause

By January 31, 2014 News No Comments

American Red Cross Vehicle Wrap

Wrapping a vehicle with flashy and catchy advertising is somewhat common today. In most highly populated areas you will see vehicle graphics, particularly wrapped buses, trucks and vans and even smaller cars covered in colorful advertising. Vehicle wraps have advantages for the businesses that employ the concept and are certainly eye catching. The mobility of ads on vehicles brings the message to a larger and more diverse local audience better than almost all other media available.

Likewise, when the message is one that is delivered for a cause, it can be highly effective in generating interest for both the cause and the business using their space to display it. Seeing car or truck graphics that were specially designed for a cause can really start the wheels turning in the mind of the viewer. Their focus is diverted from the day to day driving they are involved in, to thinking of something deeper, something that will hopefully spark an interest in them at that moment that they will pursue later. They may not have been personally touched by the particular cause, or don’t know someone who can benefit from it, but the reminder of the pressing needs of others may spring them into some action that they might not have taken otherwise.

For someone who is closer to the cause, seeing the displayed reminder may not be necessary, but it comes across like a fresh message to keep the hope up, or to somehow get more involved. The wrapping of a commercial vehicle for a cause can change the perception of the company that is sponsoring it. For example, seeing a bus or van with a business logo and the pink colors of breast cancer awareness may just change the attitude of the viewer towards the company that has taken their message, and subjugated it somewhat to the message of the cause. This duality is not obvious but delivers a subtle message about the business along with the message of the cause.

A charity event that is displayed on a dry cleaning van, or an airport shuttle showing a message on autism bring a level of humanity to the vehicle display that would normally be showing only an informative self-serving advertisement. By subduing the advertising and displaying the message of a cause, the company shows a heart and another level of community involvement. The dual purpose of this method is positive and can be rewarding in more ways than one.

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