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5 Basic Rules Of Billboard Advertising

By April 11, 2014 News No Comments


Outdoor advertising is a highly effective medium because it offers brand exposure in a consistent and reliable way and offers access to a much broader group of people than other, more specific types of advertising, such as radio, television, or even print. Billboards have long been a staple in the advertising world for a reason: when created correctly, they literally make a huge impact. Here are five tips on how to design an ideal billboard.

1. Think Visually

Text is, of course, often a major part of billboard advertising, but remember that billboards are designed to be passed by at sometimes high speeds. Think of a billboard concept that is visually compelling enough to make a person take notice. Try to think out of the box and use an image that challenges your audience’s expectation for what will be on a billboard, and make sure that you always use imagery that very quickly and easily conveys the tone of your brand and your product.

2. Be Succinct

When Using Text The best billboards should have as little copy on them as possible, because of the fact that your audience does not have the time or ability to read long blocks of text. Excessive text is also generally not visually compelling. Try to limit the copy on your billboard to a maximum of six words, and make sure that those six words count. Consider contracting a copywriter to help you select phrases or terminology that will convey what you have to say in a meaningful way.

3. Don’t Waste Text On Websites or Phone Numbers

Putting a website url or phone number on your billboard will, for the most part, be a waste of space and will clutter your image. It is not worthwhile to list this information on a billboard because the people driving by will not be able to call a number or visit a site while they are operating a vehicle. Instead, use your billboard to spread recognition about your brand or cause.

4. Use Humor or Intrigue

The most important function of a billboard is to bring attention to your product or cause, so do not allow your billboard to be boring or unremarkable. If humor is appropriate for your ad, create jokes in a simple way that can be easily understood or read. If your billboard is more visual or not humorous, choose one strong image that immediately makes your audience curious to look for a second or two longer.

5. Make Sure It’s Clear What the Billboard Is An Ad For

Remember that you have, at most, a few seconds to build brand recognition with your billboard, so do not allow for any confusion about what the billboard is for. Avoid sacrificing your own brand recognition for the sake of a joke or compelling image. Make sure that implicit in the text and image you choose is a sense of what you are advertising. Keep your brand logo large and in a prominent spot on the board.

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